Charlestown, MA

Welcome to Charlestown Veterinary Hospital

Charlestown Veterinary Hospital specializes in the treatment of both dogs and cats. We pride ourselves on quality care in a comfortable environment for both pets and owners.

About Our Hospital

About Charlestown Veterinary Hospital

Charlestown Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to delivering exceptional veterinary care every time you visit. We know pet owners deserve the best care possible for their beloved pets, so we take a comprehensive approach to their evaluation. We work diligently to forge a bond with your pet early on.

Our Veterinary Services

Complete Veterinary Care in Charlestown, MA

At Charlestown Veterinary Hospital, we treat every pet that enters our facility with the same love and compassion as our own. We do everything we can to ensure their comfort.

Pet Primary Care

We offer many primary care services with our wonderful doctors.

Pet Advanced Care

Advanced Care services are here to help.

Pet Preventative Care

Preventative Care is one of the most important steps in keeping your pets healthy.

Pet Emergency Care

Read more about emergency medical care for your pet.

Our Veterinary Staff

Meet Our Charlestown Veterinary Hospital Team

The veterinary team at Charlestown Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to your pet’s health and well-being. We deliver high-quality care that meets their ever-changing needs and are committed to keeping them in good health for years to come.

Our Reviews

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for making Charlestown Veterinary Hospital one of the highest-rated veterinary hospitals in Charlestown, MA! Your kind words mean the world to us, and we’re so thankful that you’ve taken the time to provide us with feedback.

Very friendly and helpful staff. On my second visit for a shot, they noticed how scared my dog was and did the shot in the lobby so she would be more comfortable.

Tim G.

Have had good interactions so far. Standard pricing. I felt the staff was informed and warm toward me and my dog. And they have been able to provide council over the phone, and followed up a few days later, which meant the absolute world to me.
Meaghan R.

The people here were Angel’s treating Angel’s, they treat my little dog like it was one of their own, even tho the services are a little bit pricey, but they were really warm, proffesionals.
DonCesar B.